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:iconlaplz: HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! :iconlaplz:

... people

so... i don't know every time i'm about to write a journal
i totally forget what i was going to say.

oh yeah,
i was going to write my new year resolution
but it seems like every time i make one after a couple of
days i just stop of it just fades out of my life

but i've decided not to tell any one accept form a couple of people  
because i'm worried that i might jinx it and i would just stop it, like always
but what i can tell you that its DA related so you will be updated

but i really am interesting in hearing what other people are going to do as new years resolution  
so please leave in comments

request, trades, collaborations and commissions are still open
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i guess the title says it all

but to elaborate

:bulletblue: requests - i will draw almost everything and anything in my manga or ink drawing style but the deal is that the all are going to be 10 x 10 cm. because i've recently found that out that i cant draw for shit in small size.
                                          e.g. you tell me to daw it and i draw it for you

:bulletblue: trades - don't know what to say but i guess... you do a piece of work for me and i do the same then we trade
                                          e.g. you do daw one of my OCs and i Draw one of yours

:bulletblue: commissions- not expecting a lot of these
                                          e.g. you tell me what to draw and i do it and then you pay me
                                          prices - don't but i have set up a pay pell so it would probably be in points

:bulletblue: collaborations- this could be of any thing
                                          e.g. you do the line art and i colour it in, vise versa
                                          e.g. you start of a piece of work and i finish it off, vise versa


i know couple of weeks i ago a came back form the dead and said i would upload but honestly i think the universe doesn't want to do my own thing, so this request, trade commission thing should help me get my creative juices flowing.
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so ....
it been a while...

any way firstly apologies are in order as i have missed quiet a lot
also a massive HAPPY BIRTHDAY to who's ever i missed and didn't wish (that would be all of you)
and most of you would probably be wondering had star died or something
well... no, not physically anyway

i managed to get my self a job which started just before summer SO BUSY
then it was autumn and my university started SO BUSY
university deadlines SO BUSY
finally its winter so i'm free for the holidays
so i've got more and would be here regularly and would also be uploading more

  • Mood: Christmas Spirited
  • Listening to: amazarahi
  • Watching: guys with kids
  • Eating: roasted pine nuts
  • Drinking: lemon and honey green tea


starpersona's Profile Picture
Artist | Student
United Kingdom
I'm a student of graphic communication
underneath is a link to my blog which i have to keep up for my course
it shows my day to day activities
i'll probably be publishing every 2 to 3 days
it will mostly show what we are doing in class
and some informative stuff about things

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Jburns272 Jul 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome ^^
awww :heart:

thank you ^ _ ^
Jburns272 Jul 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy Birthday!
Rijio Jun 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hey there ^^ i'm just stopping by to say a big thank you for faving my work :D
if ever you feel like dropping by again to check some new stuff, feel totally free :)
have a verynice day (or night lol) ^^
thanks a lot for the encouragement, and feel free to take a look around my gallery, bye!
no problem

and keep up ^ _ ^
I can't believe it! Only 2 min after I've uploaded 'The strength within', I got the first feedback...
Thank you very much for being the first person who faves 'The strength within', I'm glad you liked my work.
Best regards for you from Chile! :wave:
click on the notes
darling I am at the messages file but nothing is here sweety:P
mr. burgin's ... lol
comicmaniac1 Feb 2, 2013  Student Filmographer
Mr Bergin, though.
welcome ^ _ ^
thank you for the fave !!
no problem ^ _ ^
mocha-mochi Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the fave!
no problem ^ _ ^
CrackingFoundation Jan 5, 2013  Student General Artist
thnx for the fav :blush:
ok ^ _ ^
Lol you wont have to it;s okay, it probably won't be very long though ^^
yeah go for it, if you still want to
as long as i dont have to pay you :giggle:
it was a while a go. i am still willing to do it.
i ... don't ... remember :O_o:
Still want a comic done for you? I am ready now. ;-; i know this is soooo friggin late but i have been crazy busy and had no drive to do it, it may be in a cartoonish style or in mochi's i am not sure yet.
it was so ... weird
yet i watched the whole thing

should this thing not be flagged?
da faq...
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